"Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."
2nd Timothy 2:15

His Church - School of Ministry aims to provide a learning environment where students actively seek the Lord; to know Him and to learn of Him. We teach the Bible book by book, chapter by chapter, and verse by verse. It is our goal to provide the opportunity to receive sound doctrine through biblical teaching and to make application of biblical truth through hands on practical service.

School Format

His Church - School of Ministry consists of six 10-week terms. The total duration of the school is approximately 68 weeks, or 16 months. Between each term is a break of one (sometimes two) weeks. School days are Monday - Thursday, Church services are on Sunday mornings at 10am. Students will begin teaching Sunday morning services on a rotation schedule in the 2nd Term.


Each term lasts ten weeks.

Term 1: The Pentateuch - Genesis through Deuteronomy. Introduction to Carpentry or Introduction to Auto Mechanics.

Term 2: The Historical Books - Joshua through Esther. Woodworking I or Auto Mechanics I.

Term 3: The Poetical Books - Job through Song of Solomon. Woodworking II or Auto Mechanics II.

Term 4: The Prophetic Books - Isaiah through Malachi. Woodworking III or Auto Mechanics III.

Term 5: The Gospels - Matthew through John. Framing I or Advanced Auto I.

Term 6: Acts & The Epistles - Acts through Revelation. Framing II or Advanced Auto II.

A daily schedule would be as follows:

6am - Devotion and Prayer - This optional but encouraged..and yes, coffee is included!
6:45am - Breakfast
8am - Biblical Studies
12pm - Lunch
1pm - Trade Classes
5:30pm - Dinner

The above schedule is approximate.

Community Service

In addition to their academic studies, students will also be involved in community service: including monthly food drives/distribution with a local ministry, The Ministry House, and annual Youth Summer trips.

Students will also gain experience teaching and preaching. Beginning in term 2, students will be assigned a rotation schedule for speaking on our Sunday morning services. This is to provide students with experience in public speaking as well as sermon preparation.

Female students will be given the opportunity to teach mid-week Women's Bible studies.

All services are open to the public.

Our Classes

Biblical Studies follow the His Church - School of Ministry curriculum, The Bible Study Course. Learn more.

Our trade classes are designed to equip students with the skills needed to find work (or start their own) in the associated fields; Carpentry and Auto-Mechanics. Learn more.


His Church - School of Ministry is not an accredited school. We do however award students with a Certificate of Completion upon each successful term. For more information regarding our accreditation status, please contact us: info@hischurchschoolofministry.com